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A New Beginning

Out with the old. In with the new.
New for 2005:

  • Site is now being hosted by a 3rd party provider. Believe it or not, both my site and Tammy’s site can be hosted by professionals cheaper than in our house.

  • Upgraded to Movable Type 3.14. This should help eliminate the comment spammer problem (or at least curtail it from the public’s viewing).

  • The resources application is nearing completion. It will be implemented in the “Research” section.

  • All of the old entries have now been archived offline. I might load them up onto this new system. It just depends on how lazy I am in a couple of weeks in this regard.

There is still some housecleaning to do on the blog pages to make it look like the rest of the site. But all in all, this is a good move. Bring it on 2005.

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