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Smart Eating at Ruby Tuesday

We had lunch at Ruby Tuesday today. I was pleasantly surprised to find full disclosure of the nutritional content of every meal. Some restaurants will only show you the stats on their healthy choices. Ruby Tuesday has taken the step of showing all. From their low-calorie/low-carb choices all the way up to the colossal burger – 1667 calories.
Check out their nutrition guide here. I think Tammy and I will try to choose RT more often when we have (want) to eat out.
On a similar note, the Atkins fad seems to have winded down, but I think that people are going to focus more on watching their calories, etc. Ruby Tuesday (NYSE:RI) closed at $26.08 on December 31, 2004 and pays a .17% dividend. Let’s put this on the watch list and see what happens.

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