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Ice Storm in Atlanta

There is nothing more enjoyable than sitting home during an ice storm and watching the fools on tv. Well, maybe the more enjoyable thing would be to sit home on a weekday and recuperate during an ice storm.
Things to watch for during the storm:
1) All the traffic reports. There is something about the sight of 18 wheelers getting stuck on spaghetti junction that really warms the heart on a cold day.
2) The interviews with people the day before who were about buying milk and bread. I’m assuming these people woke up this morning and had french toast to celebrate being iced in.
My favorite was with this one guy who was at the downtown Kroger. He said “I’m justing getting some beer and wine – you know, the necessities for the weekend.”
3) The interviews of the people at the airport who woke up this morning, didn’t bother to call their airline, drove through this mess, only to find their flight was cancelled.
Oh well – hopefully we won’t lose power. The lights are flickering now.

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