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Owens Corning Basement Finishing System

I filled out the contact form to have an authorized contractor call me regarding this basement finishing system. It looked pretty interesting from the standpoint of time to install (2 weeks on average) and no dry wall dust. Also, if I needed access to the walls or ceiling, I could easily remove a panel or tile and be in.
I now have second thoughts about even fililng that form out. I should have done my Google-ing ahead of time. I found plenty of complaints about the whole process. A couple of people seemed happy in the end, but dissatisfied with the high-pressure tactics and the exorbitant pricing they were subjected to out of the box. Knowing what I know up front, I don’t even want to have this company call me.
Two morals to this story:
1) Determine your objectives and conduct your independent research first, then start evaluating the offerings of different contractors.
2) If you are a company with a new product you’re rolling out nationwide, use Google once a week to figure out what people are saying about it. OC just lost a potential customer because the only positive I see for their product is Bob Vila in the commercials. Everything I have found on the internet from customers tells me to stay away.

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  1. Robert M. Zoller #

    Exactly my sentiments. As a practicing architect I found commercials enticing which prompted a call to a posted phone number. The contact who ret’d my call would never release ANY information prior to an “in home” appointment. This proved negative. I inquired about info available to architects and again never did achieve a satisfactory answer. There is more to this story than bears telling in this format however Owens Corning is playing some kind of game that is very difficult to understand. Never mind, I shall say, and move on. It isn’t worth the time and effort to continue this nonsense. Robert M. Zoller, RMZ Architecture, Edina, Minnesota.

    October 27, 2005

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