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I’m Glad I Didn’t go to Harvard

The latest controversy up north is over a service a sophomore has been allowed to start on campus, called Dormaid. According to the Harvard Crimson, this service should not be permitted because it creates “yet another differential between the haves and have-nots on campus” and is a threat “to student unity.”
I thought that life up to the age of 18 was meant to prepare you for the inequalities of life. “Life isn’t fair” is what my mom and dad used to always tell me. I guess the CEO shouldn’t have a secretary, my neighbor should have to drive a VW or Honda, and all restaurants should be converted to McDonalds, Subway, or some similar lowest common denominator.
Personal rant of infuriation aside – This is the kind of entrepreneurial spirit I thought Harvard would be proud to exhibit. If the service takes off, perhaps this student will be able to hire many of his peers and give him real world business experience. The “have-nots” may be able to become partners, or at least employees, and become haves. It has got to beat flipping burgers in the campus dining facilities and provide more flexibility to fit studying (yeah, right) into a student’s schedule.

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