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Check out NikeRunning. They have a free, online training app that lets you track your routes, personal mileage, shoe mileage, etc. They also have different training programs that allow you to train for 5k, 10k, halfs, and marathons. The training program will let you specify what level you’re currently at, and will schedule runs that get you to the level you want to be at. You then fill in the calendar with your actual results and track your progress.
Definitely a cool app. I felt halfway guilty plugging in my New Balance shoes. Now if they could just make it accept files out of my Garmin Forerunner, all would be terrific.
Forerunner update – they came out with the 301 model. The cheapest I’ve seen it for is $285 on That’s over $150 more than I paid for my 201 model, and I don’t see any benefit other than the heart rate monitor. What gives?

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