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Yahoo! Has Lost Its Way

You may ask – was Yahoo! ever all that great to begin with? I don’t know. We used them for domain name registration services for a couple of years. Mostly because it was easy and I didn’t know any better. We were paying more than the average price that existed in my awareness set, but I was satisfied with service.
Shortly after the last renewal of Tammy’s site, Yahoo! sent me an email saying they were lowering the price of their domain registration to $9.95 a year. This was good – I had become aware of the $7.95 registrations at and was preparing to move our sites in the coming year. But, I’d be willing to shell out the extra $4 a year ($2 per site) to not have to deal with it.
However – my site came up for renewal in February. When I logged in to see an invoice, their system would not display one. It only showed my past payments. When I clicked the FAQ link (like the email reminder they sent me advised), the only price that I found was $9.95. Great. I was later billed a much greater amount.
When I called Yahoo! (on my own nickel – no 800#), I was advised that I had email accounts along with my service and that service had been priced at the same level as my old service. Upon protest, the customer service rep said there was nothing she could do – they could set it up so that next year I would be at that new level. She said that I had no chargeback rights based on the contract – however, based on finding the $9.95 price on the FAQ that the email instructed me to view, I feel like I would have a pretty easy victory.
Needless to say, we have moved Tammy’s registration over to GoDaddy and cancelled the service with Yahoo (a very important step to remember to do). Mine will follow sometime before next February. If you consistently screw your customers during the few touches you have with them, they will screw you by leaving. Funny how competition works.
As for GoDaddy – I’m pleased so far. A few days after initiating the transfer, someone from their support group called me to see if I had any questions or any problems. They have an 800#, too.

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