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The Puppies’ First Sporting Event

We went and did the 1 mile walk/run put on by the Hall County Humane society. It was a lot of fun. Somewhere around 200 dogs of all sizes walking one of the thousands of streets along Lake Lanier. I think Angus was a little overwhelmed by all the other dogs, while Murray took his rightful place marching among them.
Afterward there was a 5k that I would have loved to have run in. But I ran tonight for the first time in 2 weeks (and the first time in my neighborhood in a month or two). The hills are killers (I had been running relatively flat routes compared to the 500 feet in elevation changes in my neighborhood. 500 feet isn’t bad if it’s gradual. Needless to say, my neighborhood isn’t gradual.
Next month is Forsyth county’s annual Bark in the Park event. It’s another way for the dogs to get out an socialize with other dogs, see demonstrations by the Forsyth County Sheriff’s K-9 unit, and other neat stuff. The pups have already asked to go, so we’ll have to try to work it in.
How about them Braves? 4-1 record going for the sweep tomorrow against the Mets. John Smoltz vs Pedro Martinez will probably be the best matchup of the year. Let’s hope Smoltzie doesn’t get shelled like he did opening day in Miami.
And what’s the deal with the Angels? The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim? Give me a break. I’m sure there is a breach of contract in there somewhere. They are basically forsaking their city so that they can try to capitalize on additional dollars from sponsors. This would be like the Oakland A’s becoming the San Francisco A’s of Oakland. It just doesn’t work that way in my mind.

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