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I went to a public speech today and didn’t feel it appropriate to express my critique of it in that forum. So I bottled it up to blog about and protect the guilty.
1) Leadership requires that you create a clear, unambiguous vision that can be shared by those you expect to follow you. Do not in one sentence tell me about being the product of Italian imigrants who scraped together the resources to come to America and see to it that you have a better life than they did, and then in the next sentence tell me that you think it is wrong for parents today to provide the same assistance to their children. It damages what little credibility you gained with me. According to your latter assertion, after you were born your parents should have sent you back to Italy so that you could struggle like they did.
Take money out of the picture, and you will still have centers of power. Money is only one form of reward, albeit one that everyone can identify with fairly easily. Without money, there will still be the “haves” and the “have-nots” – you will simply use a measure other than cash.
2) If you’re speaking publicly, do not type out a 20 page dissertation that you read out line by line. I have no problem with talking points, but I saw what looked like an in-depth research paper on yourself. You didn’t come across as passionate and I think all that paper is what did it.
3) Your political views are not germaine to the topic you said you were going to address. Spending 10 minutes (off and on) discussing them takes away some credibility from the clearly non-political message you are trying to convey.
Don’t get me wrong – I got your message. I have given it a lot of thought. But I’m smarter than the average bear and a little more thoughtful in nature.

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