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Purging Knowledge

There has been a lot of talk of knowledge management over the past 5 to 10 years. Organizations are obsessed with improving processes by having them documented – not just for those who are charged with carrying out those processes today, but for those who have to follow in their footsteps once the current holders of the knowledge leave the organization. One overlooked notion in this arena is knowledge purging.
We all have document retention policies. In some cases, that is thanks to Sarbox. In other cases, paranoid general counsels have advised this for years. But what about general knowledge? Why isn’t that occassionally purged? You know what I’m talking about – “That’s just the way it is done.” I hate that answer. If I ask why do journal entries have to be made for every expense in a job costing system, “that’s just the way it is done” is not a valid answer. Instead, exploration is required to figure out why that is the way it is done.
Business rules need to be documented for exactly this reason. The people that you have entrusted for the past decade to keep up the knowledge of the system are now overloaded with things they need to remember. They are also nearing retirement. The audit trail will tell us not only why “that’s the way it is done” but also who says that is the way it is done. Armed with this information, the savvy business executive or effective business analyst can now cut through the noise and ambiguities to carve out what is truly required, and make tactical decisions based on solid, current facts.

Taxes & Surcharges on Rental Cars

Travelocity released its second annual report on taxes,etc in the rental car industry. Not only did they compare city to city the uplift charged over the published rental rate, but they also did neighborhood comparisons around the airports to show how much higher the taxes were on the airport property. The top 3, Houston, Dallas/Ft Worth, and Phoenix all resulted in actual charges that were over 50% higher than the published rate.
Do some research. It may be cheaper to take an alternate form of transportation to and from the airport, and rent your cars away from the airport property!

World’s Highest Tennis Court

I’m as competitive as anyone on the tennis court. However, I don’t think I’d be charging down any volleys that go over my head, cross-court, or down the line on this court.
Hats off to Agassi and Federer for goofing around on this temporarily converted heliport for the photo shoot. Glad the wind didn’t kick up too much.

Happy Baseball Season!!

The boys of summer are back. We’re all undefeated (well, except for the Red Sox who got shellacked last night by the Yankees).
Speaking of which – David Wells does not look right in a Red Sox uniform. Those guys are scrappy – he is sort of the odd guy there. The one thing I like about him is that he’s not afraid to go inside. He plunked Giambi twice last night.
We have our first suspension under the league’s steroid abuse policy – Alex Sanchez of the Tampa Bay DevilRays was suspended for 10 games starting today. He claims he has never taken steroids – only things that he bought over the counter like protein shakes and ‘muscle relaxants’. He isn’t the biggest guy in pro ball – but the experts say that depending on the steroid you take, you may not come to the park looking like Lou Ferrigno.

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