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Vegas – So what’s the big deal?

Maybe my reality is just too good. I don’t know. What I do know is that unless someone else is paying my way (like for a tradeshow or something), I probably won’t go back.
The trip into the Grand Canyon was quite memorable, though. Yes, I actually took this picture – it is not from a postcard.

Follow-up on Owens Corning Basement Finishing

Some people have been ending up at my site by googling “Owens Corning basement finishing system complaints”. Note that at this point I do not have the system. It has been over two months since I filled out the online form requesting someone contact me. However, no one has called me.
It’s time for us to finish our basement. Owens Corning did not make the cut. My advice to you is to continue researching the experiences of people who actually got a quote and had it installed. There is plenty of information out there.

The Grand Canyon

I’ve never seen so much tourism on account of erosion. A few million years ago, someone forgot to put up a silt fence when they were doing some development. If I had realized that excited so many people, I would have put up red velvet ropes and charged admission when the silt fence on the lot neighboring our house collapsed during a torrential rain storm.
I am glad we went (except for my wife’s air-sickness bout). I’ll get some pictures up soon.

State of Alert in Saudi

Saudi Arabia’s King was admitted to the hospital today with some unknown illness. I wonder if he’s experiencing temporary blindness?

Viagra Users Reporting Blindness?

I have so many one-liner comebacks, I’m not sure which is most appropriate. I think I’ve narrowed it down to two:
God is angry that you didn’t leave the reproductive cycle like he asked you the first time.
My mother always said that could happen if I did that too much.

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