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Dear Publix – I thought you said shopping would be a pleasure?

My lunch time routine is just that – routine. I go to the gym roughly the same time every day and then either go back to the office and have a bowl of soup for lunch, or I go to the local Publix for a deli sandwich.
For the past several weeks, I have been getting two different responses from my sandwich order (Half Boar’s Head American on Wheat). One response is “Okay, it will be just one second while I go slice it.” The other response is “We’re out of American.”
Note that to date I have not walked out of the store without my requested sandwich and I didn’t make a big scene to get it. My question is how on earth could they possibly be out? They slice their meat 10 feet away at the same deli counter from which customers purchase their deli meat. Could it be that they no longer wish to sell American subs? If that were the case, I would expect that the menu would have the ‘American’ choice removed.
I suspect the problem is that some of these employees do not wish to spend their time slicing meat for my sandwich. Once I point out that I’m in there almost every day and every other employee has sliced it for me when they were out they oblige and do the same. The easiest solution would be to point out to whoever does the prep each morning that they keep running out of pre-sliced American meats and so more needs to be sliced (although I don’t think they have been pre-slicing it on any given day since I have been in at different times and received the same responses). I have never seen the Publix mission statement, but I am willing to bet it is focused on delivering the best service to the customer.
I’m on the verge of throwing in the towel on this Publix.

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