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Healthcare in America

I have finally figured out why people complain about the service and treatment they receive in hospital emergency rooms. We are to the point where people will feign illness in order to miss their court appearances. We’ve seen this several times with Michael Jackson during his trial. Most recently, Bobby Brown had an upset stomach when he was about to board a plane to his Mass. court appearance and felt it was necessary to go to the hospital.
Give me a break. These pansies are getting in the way of people who truly are sick and in need of emergency medical care. I recall one trip this year where Jackson was released w/in 45 minutes of his arrival. What kind of emergency could that have been and how did he get moved to the front of the line? I thought they were supposed to see people in order of priority. Maybe it was a slow morning, but with the likes of him and Bobby “trouble-finds-me” Brown, I don’t see how that’s possible any more.

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