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Know the rules of the game

It sounds cliche, but the advice is solid. I was reminded of it as I sat at the blackjack table and was prepared to split aces. I am used to being able to split anything up to four times. As it turns out, you can only split aces once. If you end up with a pair of aces as one of the hands – that’s it – you have a hand of 12.
You would think I would’ve remembered this from my experience 3 weeks ago at the Bellagio. Turns out that they hit soft 17’s there. It clearly says that on the table felt. At Caesar’s Palace in Indiana however, you had to do a lot of searching around (or learn the hard way) that you could only split aces once.
Good news though – they still let you split 10’s (10-J/Q/K, J/Q/K, or Q/K). Of course, I have no idea why you’d ever want to do this. As a general rule, the casino will let you do the things that are in their favor (insurance / even money are good examples of this). Heck, you can even double down after being dealt a blackjack, if you wish (A-10 could be counted as 11 or 21). I have yet to see this done, but it will not surprise me the day that it happens.
So the next time you start a new job, visit a new client, hold negotiations with people from a different environment or country, find out what the ‘rules of the game’ are.

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