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Summer Reading

Last night I finished reading The Cardinal of the Kremlin by Tom Clancy. He’s one heck of an author and this was a great read. If you’re looking for something that reads like a movie – this is not a good book for you. It is very detailed in terms of setting, character background, and social climate. Clancy gives you all of the details of a situation in order to tie you emotionally to it. If you’re into US/Soviet relations, technology, or politics, or are looking for a challenging read, this is definitely a great book for you.
This morning while taking care of my doctor’s appointment I started reading The Teammates: A Portrait of Friendship, by David Halberstam. This book is based on the journey of Dominic DiMaggio and Johnny Pesky to visit their ailing teammate Ted Williams in October 2001. Bobby Doerr was the fourth member of the close-knit unit, but was unable to make the trek because of his sick wife. I’m not very deep into the book yet, but it seems to be a profile, of sorts, of the men as young ball players for the Boston Red Sox during the 1940’s. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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