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Losing My Identity

The recent loss of over 3 million cardholders’ information is just proof that even the most prudent of individuals can end up having their identity stolen through no fault of their own. Granted, I don’t think anything bad will come of the Citi Financial – UPS fiasco. It’s not like this type of information is usually stored in flat text files that anyone could just open and read. In fact, without the knowing the file layout, the tapes are mostly useless.
Does this mean there is no reason to worry? No. If criminals were to get their hands on these tapes, I can think of over 3 million reasons to spend a lot of time trying to hack it.
The real snafu here is the response to it. Citi is reportedly going to offer 90 days of credit monitoring services to those affected. 90 days. Doing my own risk analysis, I find it will take several years of credit monitoring before I am reasonably certain I suffered no ill will (and for those of you who enjoy statistics, I’ll still be in the long tail for a long time after that).
Let’s hope that nothing bad comes of this…

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