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Web Content Management

Over the past 6 months, I have reviewed several commerical content management systems for possible implementation at work. They were all quite impressive, but were also a little overweight in features and price. I am now reviewing an offering from The marketing materials indicate a feature rich offering with a fantastic licensing fee (free!). There appears to be a pretty good developer community building the add-on modules for things like events calendars, news w/ RSS feeds, address books, search, and more.
If you’re looking for a CM solution, I recommend you check them out. If we go with this product, I’ll post a deeper review.
(Updated spelling of 10:00AM EDT 13 June 05)

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  1. Brian Green #

    We were on a similar track last year, and discovered it wasn’t that actual “web content management” that we needed help with. We needed a robust “authoring” environment for our documentation team. Big difference! We purchased AuthorIT. If you feel like driving down to Kennesaw, I’ll give you the nickel tour. Cheers.

    June 13, 2005

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