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What’s With the Ads?

I’ll answer the question once, although it should be self-apparent. I am a scholar of technology, finance, and general business. For many marketers, Google Adsense is the nexus of all three of those planes.
There. Enough said.
After a 5 week hiatus, school resumes this evening. For those of you living out an MBA vicariously through me, tonight’s class is MBA 8150 – SYSTEMS & OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT. Here’s the description out of the catalog:

This course focuses on the basic concepts, principles, and techniques for efficient and effective operations. Special emphasis is placed on the planning and execution of the operating systems of an organization. Fundamental operation topics such as operations stategy, capacity, just-in-time inventory management, resource scheduling, and supply chain management are covered in the context of both the domestic and international marketplace.

I’m taking 9 hours this Summer. No, I’m not insane. I’ll keep you updated as my other two classes start with descriptions and reflections from each.

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