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Never Eat Alone

I read Ferrazzi’s Never Eat Alone midway through my second semester in Georgia State University’s MBA program. Up to that point, I had understood the importance of networking with other students and alumni of the program, but my tactic was entirely wrong. I viewed class time as a competition. It was a competition in idea generation and analysis. Sure, socially we’d go out for a beverage after class, but I still felt like it was more of an exercise in demonstrating prowess for future career considerations.
Baseball is a competition, but life is not. I pride myself on being a go-to guy for helping removing road blocks at work and inspiring growth in those around me – and Keith’s book helped me realize that I should foster that same spirit in all of my interactions, not just those with co-workers or customers. In the 3 months that have passed since reading Keith’s message and taking it to heart, I have formed some really great relationships with people based on our common ground. And while we will still compete with one another to earn A’s in our classes, we’ll have a lot more fun at it. Knowing them at this level will make it easy for me to proudly help them accomplish anything I can help them with in the future. And that is what I think networking is really all about.
Thanks, Keith.

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