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The High Cost of Grade Inflation

Good data over on Marginal Revolution about grade inflation. Are we losing our competitive edge?
The Hope Scholarship was introduced to Georgia schoolchildren in 1993 with the advent of the Georgia Lottery. Any graduating high school senior with an overall B average would be given free tuition and books to an public college or university in the state. What have the consequences been? Inflated grades. I have had this conversation many times with “educators” at different levels and the underlying theme is that they do not want to be the teacher or professor that gave the student the C or D that made him/her not have the B average.
In 2004, approximately 58% of the student population had a B average or higher. My understanding of the grading scale was that C was average, so basically 58% of the students were above average? Shouldn’t we be re-balancing the educational portfolio to make average actually be average? If so many are earning As, shouldn’t we be developing curriculum to challenge them further?

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