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Being Market-Oriented

My wife is market oriented. She has led the development and now implementation of a new document management system (based on Domino, I might add) in her company. She now has the task that will make it or break it – training. Here’s a snippet of the email she just sent me:

It’s amazing what happens when you start asking questions and talking to different departments. I am going to be able to get everybody who attends my class one credit of internal training time courtesy of HR. As you know, we are all required to get a minimum of 28 hours of training each year.

When you share ideas and problems amongst departments, you can develop solutions to your customers’ problems that may even create delight. Even if your customer is a fellow employee, as in Tammy’s case.
So what would the opposite situation be? It would be product orientation. If she maintained the view that training for her product is important simply because the product itself was important, she would probably have a difficult time eliciting attendance to the sessions. By working with HR to gain training credits, she has created value for the trainees. And at the same time she’s created value for herself – the more people that are properly trained, the greater the likelihood of a successful implementation.
I’m so proud to be her husband.

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