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Marketers and Blogs

There has been a lot of talk this week about the effect of blogging on the marketplace. I’ve argued that you’ve got to Get Free Advice From Your Customers wherever you can and Hear the Voice of the Customer as much as possible. However, an article in AdWeek and this one in the Wall Street Journal indicate to me that marketers are willing to remove their human intelligence from the equation and rely more on the technology they (or their PR companies) possess.
I posted in the comments over at Ed Brill’s site today about the opportunity for IBM to get in touch with the market through blogs. It’s sad to say that this loose and distributed community (I’m talking about the blogosphere as a whole) was probably doomed from the start. As we turn over the reins to technology and PR companies to seek out information, surely we’re not far away from paying to have them post propaganda in what will seem like grass-roots blogs (like mine!). Heck, according to Media Post, Microsoft is already attempting to hire paid bloggers.

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