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TV News Stinks

If the television is the only place you get your news from, you are missing 99.9% of what is going on in your city. (Mike’s note: Be sure to read example 2 if you want to skip our first example).
Example 1: We witnessed a horrible accident on I-985 just North of GA Hwy 20 (Buford). A vehicle crossed the median into oncoming traffic, narrowly missing us. The motorcyclist behind us could not stop and t-boned the other vehicle. Surprisingly and thankfully the motorcyclist was alive/concious when the ambulance left for the hospital. The driver of the vehicle was not so lucky. Did the TV news pick this up? Nope – they don’t have pictures, so they don’t show it. Major highway shut down, loss of life, etc. Didn’t get mentioned at all. The other fatality of the day (also close to our house) did make it. Why? They had footage.
Example 2: This morning around 2a.m., the driver of an 18 wheeler filled with diesel fuel was struck in the face by an exploding bottle rocket. I have no idea how these people were able to aim one into the cab of the passing truck, but there is a lot of gun play in the area so I guess the perps got a lot of practice. Here’s a quote from WSB tv’s sister station WSB radio:

Police believe vandals were throwing chunks of concrete and fireworks at the truck, causing it to crash. Atlanta fire officials say as many as 50 people were found climbing on the wrecked truck when firefighters arrived.
“There were actually people jumping up and down or actually on top of this overturned tanker, just like you’d see in the movies,” Jolene Butts-Freeman, with the Atlanta Fire Department tells WSB’s Richard Sangster.

Did the tv news report that? Nope. They made it sound like some random act. But 50 people jumping up and down on this rig and not helping the badly injured driver seems like the real news here. As of last check, the driver was undergoing surgery to try to save his eye. And of course – the police have no idea who was involved. All these people out in the street and no one saw anything.
Which brings me to my other rant of the evening. Dear city of Atlanta – simply renaming a street will not change the status of the street. “Metropolitan Parkway” is still a hangout for hookers and drug dealers just like when we called it “Stewart Avenue”. This incident today took place on “Donnelly Hollowell Road” which is still just as violent as when we called it “Bankhead Highway”. Do us a favor and fix the problems, don’t just put up window dressing.

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