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What is Stopping You?

Dr. Michael Gonzales has a manifesto up at ChangeThis on Barriers to Health and Fitness. There are a lot of good takeaways from his post, but one has particular synergy with me – Your body is smart enough to avoid things it doesn’t enjoy.
This is a big motivation killer. I have specific long-range goals that require a certain level of fitness, but the physical changes between here and there are tiny. It’s easy to blow off a day and say “My body needs a break.” But that’s bunk – at least for me. My lower body may be fatigued from mountain biking all weekend, but my upper body still has something to give. So, I guess I’ll go to the gym and focus on an upper body workout today.
Dr. Gonzales’ point about making fitness and excercise routine is fantastic advice. Don’t let your body tell you to blow the day off. Remove the psychological barrier to fitness by putting yourself into a position to excercise every day.

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