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Investing Pet Peave

I wish mutual fund companies had more accurate titles (or more vague, at least) for some of their funds. You would think that a fund called Fidelity China Region Fund (FHKCX) would have more than 7% of its investments in Chinese companies. Or at least, I would think that. Granted, it has substantial investments in Hong Kong (44.2%) and Taiwan (26.3%) which in total gives it a 77% stake in companies based or listed in the Chinese market region.
Figuring out my play in this region has proved difficult. I’m hoping that my upcoming journey will help me identify industries and companies to look for as anchors. No, I don’t think I’ll be buying raw shares in CNOOC or anything like that – I’m looking for mutual funds that would share my overall investment strategy and then I’ll let the fund manager do the work. We don’t have enough self-managed retirement money to properly diversify in that market alone, anyway.

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