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Customer Follow-Up

Terry Storch from Fellowship Church writes about the importance of following up with your customers. Amen. How many times have you filled out a customer contact card or a comment card and no one ever contacted you? I ranted about this a few months ago when I filled out the request for an Owens Corning Basement Finishing System representative to contact me regarding a quote. They have yet to call.
Along the same lines – how much information do companies really need to collect on comment cards, warranty cards, applications, etc? My wife had a recent experience with an organization she volunteers for as membership coordinator. She recommended they publish a list based on a question that was on the membership application. The reply from a couple of other board members was that they should not do that under any circumstances. The question was only beneficial to the members of the organization, and without the list (which they could opt in or out of) was worthless. I told her she should recommend they axe the question from the application and find any other information on there that they weren’t going to use and axe it, too. Remove the barrier of time required to fill out your application, feedback card, etc and you’re likely to receive more information as well as better quality of information gathered.
Hats off to FC for following up on every contact. It’s got to be time consuming, but how else are you going to hear the voice of the customer and make them feel like you want them to be a part of your organization?

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