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Learning From Your Log Files

At the end of each month, I look through the server logs to see what people are googling when they come to my site, and what other sites are linking to me. This is sort of a check point to see if
a) My material is interesting to anyone other than me (it seems to be), and
b) Does my material reflect who I am, what I believe, etc.
Several searches catch my eye as being positive:
“Mike Schubert” or “Michael Schubert” – great. You found me. Welcome.
“ga restrictive neighborhood covenants” and “getting out of your restrictive covenant georgia” – good luck to you. I’ve blogged about what a PITA 2% of my neighbors are over these things.
“application architect” – that’s me.
“publix deli” – the one near my office and gym has gotten better. I wonder if they read my blog.
“ga tech mba grades inflated” – To the best of my knowledge. Grade inflation is rampant across the country, though.
Then, there are those entries that worry me.
“buford hwy hookers”, “street hookers atlanta”, “hookers of gainesville” (hopefully they mean gainesville, fl not gainesville, ga), “gainesville hookers”, “hookers on metropolitan parkway atlanta”. Ok – I’m not an authority on hookers. I can generally spot them when I see them, but I’m not going to advertise for them on my site. Go somewhere else.
“show free resumes to write for mba marketing manager position” – huh?
“don and mike fatality” – I don’t have any friends named Don, and no one named Don is on my trip with me, so I don’t think this is foreshadowing anything.
Oh well – I realize I just made matters worse by blogging about the ladies of the street above. But once your page is Googled, it’s out there anyway, so one more post won’t kill me. I’m glad that many hundreds of you out there find some value in my ranting.
What’s on tap in August? Coverage of Mike’s big adventure! More details to come, so stay tuned.

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