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My Personal Brand

Are you managing your personal brand? David Lorenzo has a good entry up about it, so I will let you read his thoughts on the subject.
I’m using an integrated approach. In face to face conversation, I generally convey the correct message both through words and body language. My website, business cards, stationery, etc. all carry the themes of technology, globalization, and business. I’ll try to get an image of the front and back of my business card up. Whether you have direct contact, view my website, or receive some note from me in the mail, the message that is conveyed is that I am both a businessman and a technologist – what I feel is a unique combination that has proven me highly valuable to the companies I have worked for.
Remember – the people you meet only know you for what they can see. Your past history of greatness is not being replayed for them in a television above your head. You must always present yourself as you want to be seen.

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