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More Notes Comments

Since I’ve broken the seal on commenting on the whole Lotus vs. Microsoft thing, I might as well go a step further.
Here we have some innocent end user’s blog, loathing his/her inability to import some contacts into the personal address book. In the comments, both Ed Brill and Richard Schwartz chime in that it can be done – but Cripes! The effort you have to go to get it done. Again, I’ve been doing this for years, I know how to do it, but to expect a receptionist, sales rep, CEO, etc to do it is unacceptable. There should be a standard tool for doing it built in. Maybe when I get the free time, I’ll write one and freely distribute it here.
On a similar note, remember the “nifty fifty“? That was the 50 templates for starter apps that I think came on the Notes CD a long time ago. Well, Microsoft took a similar approach and is providing 30 apps for their Sharepoint product. With the Notes apps, it was pretty easy to go in and modify those templates and integrate them into our workflows (oh, those were the days). But with this Sharepoint stuff, presumably written in C# and ASP.Net, how easy will it be to integrate? I, for one, hope to never personally find out!
Ok. Enough of this stuff for a while. I apologize for the interruption and will now return you to my original broadcast – already in progress.

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