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China’s Growing Impact on the World Economy

For those who don’t think that China will have an immediate impact on the world economy, I give you Chinese comment spam (scroll up just above my comment). Courtesy of Ed Brill’s blog. Follow those links and you can download ringtones for your phone. As if rapidly rising oil prices, increasingly cheap (price not quality) textiles, and outsourcing of computer hardware manufacturing were not enough to convince you.
While we’re on the subject of China, I thought I’d pass along this interesting WSJ article about an American family in the heart of China trying to get along. The husband works for the Ford plant in Chongqing. It’s an interesting read – I think Tammy could probably handle Beijing, Shanghai, or certainly Hong Kong – but Chongqing is probably pushing it.
As many of you know, part of my MBA studies are focusing on economies in transition – China being the largest and most popular focal point at the moment. For those of you who didn’t know – yes, I am an IT veteran with an undergraduate degree in Computer Information Systems earning an MBA in Finance and studying transition economies. I find it all fascinating and very inter-related in ways that are having a profound impact on the professional work I do. I’m preparing some blog entries about China’s transition toward a socialist market economy and will be sharing it with you starting in a few weeks (I’m that nice of a guy).

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  1. oops, i deleted the chinese comment spam. It’s one of the few comment spams that ever get through the DominoBlog filters anyway…

    August 5, 2005

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