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Through With Best Buy

I went to Best Buy today to pick up a wireless card for my desktop computer. I’m pretty sure this is the last time I will ever walk into a Best Buy store. If you’re having issues with Best Buy and looking for some solidarity, check out
The employees I ran into on the floor were generally helpful. One gentleman assisted me in determining the keyboard/mouse -> USB cable I needed (they were out of stock) and another actually offered me a shopping bag to put my crap in (I declined since I didn’t want to purchase more than I could carry on my own). That is where the helpfulness stopped. First, the cashier proceeds to tell me that I am eligible for some free magazines they are offering today. They’ve been offering these same magazines for several months (I was in back in March). I declined. But now I’m waiting to see if he sent my name in anyway as many people have complained over on the aforementioned website.
He then proceeded to add on a “Best Buy Rewards” card to my bill. What the hell is this? A rewards program that I have to pay for? No. Take that crap off my bill. He was shocked that I wouldn’t want the $5 reward certificate that I earned shopping that day. Let’s do the math – a $5 certificate in exchange for a $10 cash outlay in a store that I visit maybe twice a year? No, thanks. Why is Best Buy doing this? First the magazines and then the crazy rewards program? It’s bad enough they slow down the checkout process with those phoney-baloney extended warranties – don’t make matters worse by peddling magazines under the guise of being free but that are not free and then insulting me by making me pay to be a part of your rewards program.
So, to all the competitors of Best Buy – I am in the market for a new place to by my electronics, music, and dvds. I’m looking to upgrade our stereo system some time in the next 12 months, and I buy some hardware upgrades once or twice a year on average. If you’re looking for a low-maintenace customer who will spend $500-$1000 a year across 3 visits, I am your guy.

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  1. I like Circuit City and Micro Center.

    August 23, 2005

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