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Where Am I?

One of the hardest things about coming back from as active of a trip as the one I had to China is readjusting to where I am. This past Saturday, I awoke from a nap during a thunderstorm and proclaimed “This damn Hong Kong weather sucks!”. The last 3 days on the trip were in Hong Kong and it would be sunny one minute and pouring down rain the next.
The next night, Tammy woke me as she came to bed and told me about some problem with a light or something. I told her I’d fix it when I got home – she wondered exactly where I thought I was since I was laying in my own bed in my own home.
Fortunately, I wasn’t the only one with that psychosis. A few people I ran into last night from my group experienced the same thing. Insanity is definitely safer in numbers!
So now, I’m back in Atlanta. We visited the following cities:
Tokyo (flight was diverted there and we spent 1 night unplanned)
Yangtze River Cruise: Shibaozhai, Wushan, Yichang
Hong Kong
I’m still working on getting pictures up! Hopefully this weekend.

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