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Exotic Food

Many of you have asked “Mike, what was the strangest thing you ate in China?” The answer – jellyfish. It was cooked, but served chilled and shredded to look sort of like spaghetti noodles (only, the color of jellyfish that had been cooked in some sauce). The taste – like calamari. So, the next time you’re in a nice Italian restaurant with some friends enjoying a calamari appetizer, you can say “Gee, this tastes just like jellyfish!”.
As for the strangest food I saw, check out this clip. Sorry the video is so sucky, I took it on my digital camera, which takes great pictures, but crappy movies. Keep your eye on the 2nd row of food, to the right of the two square bowls of water. I have no idea what that is, but it is definitely moving. This was a pretty nice looking restaurant on Temple Street in Hong Kong. You pick out what you want to eat and they take it back and prepare it while you sit down and have a beverage. Unfortunately, I had just dined on jellyfish about a half hour before we wandered down here, so I was too full to try out the moving food.
As for pictures from the trip, I’m still working on getting the captions to print out in their entirety from Photoshop (running version 6, maybe an upgrade is in order). It seems there is a 256 character limit on the output of a caption. That’s a real bummer. I sure don’t want to have to go through and caption these suckers again. I guess the bright side to that is there are only a handful of imags where I used more than 256 characters to describe the scene or my adventures. Hopefully, this process will be complete over the Labor Day weekend.

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