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Who are Ray Nagin and Kathleen Babineaux Blanco??

I had to go WAAYYY out of my way today to find out the names of the mayor of New Orleans and the Governor of Louisiana. I’m not sure why this is the case. Their job is to protect the citizens of their city and state. I haven’t heard a peep out of or about the governor, and the only thing I’ve heard out of the mayor is panic and hysteria. Neither traits are very good for re-election. Yet for whatever reason, the President is the one being drug through the mud from over 1100 miles away. He isn’t passing the buck and he is not happy with the response thus far. But resolving that matter for the future can only come after we’ve dealt with the tragic events that are in the present.
Is the news media biased? Are these two getting free rides because they are democrats?

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  1. I don”t know where you get your news, but I’ve been hearing about them or from them right from the beginning. I might have had to go out of my way a bit to get the Governor’s name because it’s just not one that comes tripping off the tongue, but Nagin’s name was not a problem at all. I must have heard it about 100 times in the past week. And simply put… they were doing their jobs. The results weren’t necessarily great, but they were doing what they were supposed to do.
    It was Nagin who ordered the first voluntary, then mandatory evacuation for New Orleans, and who designated the Superdome for those who could not leave. There is some question about why Nagin didn’t mobilize buses in advance to get those people out of the city before the storm. I’ve read that he was afraid of liability issues, etc., and it’s possible that he needed some sort of Federal waiver to come into effect. I don’t know, but I’m sure it will come out; and if he did fail to do that then he should pay politically, and I dare say that he will.
    Meanwhile, it was Blanco who sent National Guard troops to supervise the evacuation, including screening people for weaons as the went into the dome. It wasn’t enough troops in New Orleans, by a long shot, but it’s not clear whether she had any more troops at her disposal. The media has concentrated almost all of their attention on New Orleans, but bear in mind that was far from the only place that she had to send in help. It was also Blanco who wrote a formal request to President Bush to declare a federal disaster, and she did this even before the hurricane had even reached shore. Of course, the President was still on vacation at that point.
    So, perhaps the President isn’t passing the buck now, but until Nagin threw his conniption, the President and the cabinet and director level officials who work for him sure were doing a good job of congratulating everyone for a job well done… even as the media was reporting the truth of the matter. He may not be passing the buck himself, but his people still are. Did you see Chertoff dodging and weaving Tim Russert’s questions this past Sunday? It was all spin and “we’ll go back and evaluate later”. And the story that ran two days ago that said that Blanco had never declared the disaster… that came from a “White House source” who was misinformed — and that’s putting it as charitably as possible.
    BTW: Nagin was a Republican who changed parties just before the last election. I have just as much evidence that the White House deliberately withheld timely aid to punish him for that as you have for claiming that the media has given him a “pass”. In other words, I have none and so do you.

    September 6, 2005

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