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Seeking Balance

I spend some weeks going 100 miles an hour down various technology paths in an attempt to enrich my life and my company’s bottom line. This week it seems like I’m spending time taking an inventory of the disruptions that technology has introduced in my life.
Current Example
Delicious. You know – your centralized repository for remembering, categorizing, and sharing links (can you believe they are 2 yrs old? Seems like only yesterday). When I create web pages, I put an extended title in the tag. It is fairly well known that search engines cross-reference the title of the page to the text on it for the purposes of scoring the relevancies of various words and phrases. Browsers only show the first 100 characters or so.
But when you tag my site with, you get a lot more. And it is more oriented toward marketing ME than it is to telling you what my site is about and why you should visit it regularly. Ideally, I want users to see “Mike Schubert – Software Development, Finance, and more!” or something to that effect, while the title browser is still the long-winded thing for the search engines. I want to have my cake and eat it, too (why buy cake if you’re not going to eat it?).
So to everyone that sees my long-winded title bar show up in your links, I apologize. I am aware. And it is on my @Thinkaboutit sheet of issues that deserve thought. It would be really nice if we could embed an alternate title tag for to read, but this isn’t really their problem and that seems a little hokey to ask for. Ok – it’s still on @Thinkaboutit.

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