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The Duluth Fall Festival 5K

Today I ran the Duluth Fall Festival 5k. Not a bad day for it – it was overcast and around 70 at race time. I’m not sure how many people ran, but it was quite a large crowd. No – I did not see Jennifer Wilbanks (the infamous “runaway bride”) there (not that I looked for her) although someone did mention her name while we were lining up.
My time? 33:49. I was shooting to be under 30 minutes, but running with a crowd is different than running from home. First, when the timer starts, you haven’t started (unless you’re keeping a 5 min mile pace and are on the starting line). Second, depending on the width of the course, you are going to lose a little pace. Third, if you take water, that is going to slow you down. My first two mile splits were just under 10 minutes each. I took water at mile 2 (against my better judgment) and that killed a little time when I inhaled it into my lungs instead of drinking it. And then there was that hill just .3 mile past there. Oh well – it was a learning experience to say the least.
For those of you who like to see the course route ahead of time (nice to pick out landmarks), here is a map of the course my Forerunner captured. I’m also including the elevation chart, although it is deceiving. I’m not sure why the elevation is screwed up right at the end unless it was the trees at mile 3. It should have returned back to the 1050 ft elevation. Oh well. Turn by turn directions are below the charts.

Route Elevation
Duluth Fall Festival 5K Route Duluth Fall Festival 5K Elevation

Turn By Turn
Start on Hill St directly behind ampitheater. Head up hill and turn left on W Lawrenceville St. This becomes McClure Bridge Rd. Turn Right on Howell Springs Rd (1 mile mark right at the turn). Follow this until right before it ends, turn right on Howell Mead Drive. Follow this road around, it will change names to Irvindale Rd after it goes around a 90 degree bend. After the bend, it’s a short distance to mile 2. Then up a hill, down a hill, and then the road will dump you back out at W Lawrenceville St right by Joan Glancy Hospital. Hang a left here to head back to the start finish line. Yes, it’s up hill here, but you’re almost there, so kick it in!

  1. Mike #

    Thanks, Jason!
    I’ve got several events planned out that are 5k and 10k checkpoints towards a half marathon in March. I just hired a trainer yesterday to address the strength/endurance/nutrition needs that my running plan wasn’t addressing. I’ll be blogging about all this in the weeks and months to come.
    First up is a 5K this weekend – the Run For the River ( I’m hoping to shave 5 minutes off my first performance – we’ll know in about 49 hours!

    October 27, 2005
  2. Congrats on your race! I’ve got my next 5K in 3 weeks. It’ll be my first of the “fall season.” Different than a triathlon, a different training program and different physio-mental race day program.
    What’s your next race? Any plans for a spring 10K or 1/2 marathon?

    October 23, 2005

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