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Where Did Summer Go?

Wow – it was really cold at o’dark thirty this morning when I took the dogs out. I had to add some clothes to my gym bag for my lunchtime 5 miler. The weatherman has no idea what the temperature will be at noon. Factor in the wind and its a recipe for misery. So I’ve got a t-shirt, shorts, long-sleeved dri-fit base layer, and I think I even threw in the fleece pull-over for good measure. The thermometer says 40 right now – hopefully it will get to 55 and I can stick with t-shirt and shorts at noon.
A few weeks back, I copied a cheat-sheet on dressing for running in the cold into a Word doc. Not sure where I got it from, I will add the credit up here as soon as I find it again. (As a side note, that’s one thing OneNote does really well – when you’re doing web research and using OneNote to organize it, it automatically figures out the website you got the content from and adds the URL as a reference. I don’t know how it does it – all I do is copy/paste like normal from a web page into OneNote and the URL reference magically appears.)

Dress for Success
Here’s a cheat sheet to help you dress appropriately for your runs, no matter what the thermometer says. This chart factors in the 10-Degree Rule but doesn’t account for a significant windchill. On very windy days, you may need to dress warmer.

(in degrees)

above 70 Lightweight/light-colored singlet and shorts
60 to 69 Tank top or singlet and shorts
50 to 59 T-shirt and shorts
40 to 49 Long-sleeve shirt and tights or shorts
30 to 39 Long-sleeve shirt and tights
20 to 29 Two upper-body layers and one lower-body layer
10 to 19 Two upper-body layers and one lower-body layer
0 to 9 Two/three upper-body layers, one/two lower-body layers
below 0 Three upper-body layers, two lower-body layers

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