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Bird Flu and Disaster Recovery

We have a lot to worry about as business people these days. Hurricanes, earthquakes, rioting, etc. can all put stresses on not only our infrastructure, but also our people. One of the lessons we learned from the 9/11 attacks was that a disaster recovery plan that doesn’t address the skillsets of affected workers is an incomplete plan. It’s great if your systems are up and running, but who is manning the fort?
KFC probably had no problem identifying itself as a potential candidate for financial risk should there be a major bird flu outbreak. Having operations in China (yes, I even ate at one in Chongqing but forgot to take a picture) probably sped up their realization of the problem. Word is that they are preparing to shoot television commercials (scroll down pretty far) to reassure the public about the safety of eating fried chicken should there be a widespread outbreak.
What steps has your company taken toward risk assessment and planning in the face of a pandemic?
[Updated 9-Nov-05 21:30 to correct typo]

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