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Cool Tool for Fitness-Minded Travelers

One of the tough things to do while traveling is to get in your exercise routine. And while I’ll blog more on fitting in 20 miles a week + 3 days of weights later, I thought I’d share a great tool with you in case you’re traveling over Thanksgiving.
It’s an online pedometer that is powered by Google Maps. Read the instructions, zoom into the area you’re in, and you can start click way-points along the roads that make up your potential route. You can toggle between miles and kilometers, and it will show you a reasonably good estimation of the distance. I tried it today for a new 8 mile out-and-back lollipop near my house and it worked just great.
So the next time the hotel staff looks at you like you’re crazy when you ask for a good 5 mile jog from the hotel, you can just go to this website and create your own route.

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