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CVS/Pharmacy Strong Legs Run 10K 2005

Today was the CVS/Pharmacy Strong Legs Run 10K benefiting Childrens Hospital of Atlanta. I ran it with a friend from work and turned in a comfortable time of 1 hour and 2 minutes. Not bad at all. I felt like I could’ve run the 5k afterward taht started at 9:15. A little chilly while picking up my race number, but the sun rose about 10 minutes before start time and it was comfortable (50 or so) for the next hour. The turn by turn directions are available on their website. Here is a map and elevation guide to go along with it for those of you who like to scope out a course before you run it.

stronglegs_map.jpg</a stronglegs_elevation.jpg
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The Google Toolbar Spell Checker is Too Cool!

If you blog, use wikis, or generally have to enter form data at work or for pleasure, this thing is a lifesaver. Not only does it highlight what it believes to be misspelled words, but it also suggests corrections when you click on the word. The only downside is that it doesn’t seem to understand HTML tags. Ooh – but you can add words to your own personal dictionary. Very cool.
Interesting side note – in spell checking this piece, Google apparently knows what a blog is, but not a wiki. Hmmm.
Additional side note – don’t rely on spell-check as a crutch. Several astute readers yesterday pointed out that I used the word ‘call’ when I meant to say ‘all’. For more on the slings & arrows of using spell check, check out my wife’s article on spell check.

Bird Flu and Disaster Recovery

We have a lot to worry about as business people these days. Hurricanes, earthquakes, rioting, etc. can all put stresses on not only our infrastructure, but also our people. One of the lessons we learned from the 9/11 attacks was that a disaster recovery plan that doesn’t address the skillsets of affected workers is an incomplete plan. It’s great if your systems are up and running, but who is manning the fort?
KFC probably had no problem identifying itself as a potential candidate for financial risk should there be a major bird flu outbreak. Having operations in China (yes, I even ate at one in Chongqing but forgot to take a picture) probably sped up their realization of the problem. Word is that they are preparing to shoot television commercials (scroll down pretty far) to reassure the public about the safety of eating fried chicken should there be a widespread outbreak.
What steps has your company taken toward risk assessment and planning in the face of a pandemic?
[Updated 9-Nov-05 21:30 to correct typo]

Running Stats for October

Welcome to November, my friends. Here are the stats for a rather successful October:

  • 66.95 miles
  • 28:08 time in the Run for the River 5k (that’s a 9:03 min/mile for those w/o a calculator handy)
  • I’ve hired a trainer for strength training & nutrition (more on that in a post later this month)
  • Tammy has started running again

What’s on tap for November?

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