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Judge Bans Learning

I am a lifelong learner – a sponge, if you will. I enjoy learning new things and debating the ins and outs with others. Being introduced to other view points creates a well rounded individual. We like for things to be cut and dry, black or white. But that is just not the way our world is.
There are safeguards in our constitution that protect us against the “tyranny of the majority” (deTocqueville). The idea was that majorities would often be relative – the 55/45 kind of split we see between Republicans and Democrats in the US. But on many issues, the majority is 85% or more. The “war on Christmas” banter that has been going on for the past several weeks is really insane since over 75% of Americans are Christian according to this survey performed by the census bureau (see tables 67-69). We have allowed a few to use our court systems and create a tyranny of the minority.
I understand that the government schools want to rewrite history so as to avoid any conflict. That is not learning – that is indoctrination. It is simple enough to say “Darwin’s theory is the only scientific explanation for our creation. There are other explanations that have been proposed, mostly from religious sects. You will perhaps encounter them in ‘social science’ classes in high school and college, or through discussions with your parents or clergy.” There. 3 sentences could solve this problem. I have a feeling that is so simple a solution that it will be ignored.
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The Peach Bowl is Losing its Identity

Would you take the “Sugar” out of the Sugar Bowl? The “Orange” out of the Orange Bowl? Certainly you wouldn’t take the “Rose” out of the Rose Bowl (they don’t even sell title sponsorships). So why take the “Peach” out of the Peach Bowl? I know that in some respects title sponsorships are good for the game since the sponsorship makes college scholarships available to the participating teams. But there is a certain amount of tradition with each of these old college bowl games, and I for one am not happy that the big ACC – SEC matchup that has been the Peach Bowl for so many years is now simply the Chic-Fil-A Bowl.
Furthermore, I think it is a huge mistake to lock in to a corporate name like that. After a couple of years, people will come to know the game by that identity. If Chic-Fil-A decides to pull out (or pay less than the going rate), organizers will be in a predicament since they no longer have a brand identity – the brand for that game will have become Chic-Fil-A. The peach was easily identifiable with Georgia. I don’t think most people identify Chic-Fil-A with Georgia.
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Simple Rule for Weight Loss

Here’s an easy first step for those of you looking to lose some weight in the coming new year – don’t eat (or take in calories) after 8pm. That means no Coke, popcorn, peanut butter sandwich, or whatever your favorite midnight snack is. Your body won’t be able to metabolize it since you’re going to bed, so don’t take it in. Drink some water – it is a remarkable appetite supressor.
Obvious exceptions – following illness, long day-missed meal, etc.
Of course, I’m not a doctor, nor am I offering medical advice. I’m just telling you about one technique that worked well for me. Consult your own physician before beginning any exercise or weight-loss regimen.

Lotus Notes Tip of the Day – Scheduled Agents Don’t Run in .ntf Files on R6+

“Based on feedback from customers, agents will no longer run in templates with the NTF extension. (They will, however, continue to run in templates with NSF extensions.)”
I’m sure I was one who complained about this. The problem as a consultant is that you are often asked to fix problems that you did not create. In the glory days, if a scheduled agent wasn’t running either the person who signed it did not have rights to run scheduled agents on the server, or they were trying to do something exotic in the code that would break a security rule. When those two didn’t hold true yesterday, I had to reach into the inner recesses of my brain to remember to check the file type.
So now I am writing it down here in hopes of remembering this in the future. Here is the article that details all of the changes that came about in R6. Haven’t seen it for R7 yet. Here is a good article on troubleshooting Notes 5 and Notes 6 agents.

Permission Marketing?

How is this for a crappy sneak-wrap agreement?

Your privacy is extremely important to us. You are receiving this promotional message as a member of Permission! By continuing to receive emails from Permission! you agree to the Permission! Privacy Policy.

I don’t know who Permission! is (aside from what is contained in this message which tells me they are a division of Equifax) and I sure as heck do not recall signing up for a membership with them. Somehow I doubt that membership has any privleges with these people. Equifax is headquartered in Atlanta – I wonder how the CEO would respond if I mailed him a letter that said “By continuing to receive mail from Mike Schubert, you agree to give him 10% of your salary.”