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The Death Penalty in America

They say that the more educated you become, the more liberal you become. Who is they? Some bunch of liberals, I guess. As I have grown older and held more debates, I have wrestled with the idea of the government (being We the People) having the right to take the life away from someone. I’m not sure why everyone is enamored with the gangster Tookie Williams, but this constant pandering by superempowered individuals trying to earn a commuted life sentence has stirred the debate again in my head.
His lethal injection is currently scheduled for 12:01 am on Tuesday, December 13th. A fresh round of appeals have been filed along with a clemency hearing with Governor Schwarzeneger. Somehow I doubt that a round of “fresh evidence” could appear in this case some 25 years after the commission of these heinous crimes. It’s sadly interesting that the delay in the governor’s announcement has proponents claiming “Williams’ supporters seemed disheartened by the delay, which they said was putting severe stress on them and Williams.”
Dear Tookie – I’m sorry you feel so much stress. I wonder how much stress the families, friends, and assorted loved ones felt when you murdered those people back in ’79. It’s nice to know that you changed after all these years. I wonder how your victims would have changed over that time – what might they have done to make themselves or our society better today? We’ll never know, will we? Do you see the fallacy in your argument now? Of course you don’t. You’re only interested in saving your own hide now.
I’m glad I’m not involved in making any of these decisions – this guy just doesn’t seem like someone I’d like to meet or get to know.

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