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It’s Final Exam Week

It’s final exam week for Fall Semester 2005. Boy am I glad this one is coming to a close. I have a final exam in my leadership class tonight. It should go fairly well – it’s all essays. As long as I match up my leadership styles and terminology with a solid solution for the cases presented it will be ok. The one drawback to all of this is that our annual department lunch is today – so I won’t be able to read through my notes at lunch time like normal.
Speaking of my office – today is my 6 year anniversary of working here. Amazing. I’m going to be drawing on those 6 years here, as well as many of the companies I’ve consulted for or worked for in the past, to do a 4 part series on organizational culture. Be on the lookout for that to drop on Fridays this coming January.
My International Finance class wrapped up yesterday with the submission of our team term project. We studied foreign exchange exposures and risk minimization techniques that are employed by UPS, as well as recommendations for areas for them to look for improvement. Not that they needed improvement. Based on analyst reports and their own public filings, they appeared to be doing a bang-up job with their overseas operations. But it was a fun assignment and a good way to apply all of the things we studied (currency/interest rate swaps, foreign exchange, futures, forwards, interest rate parity, purchasing power parity, etc).
Thursday night is my final exam in Valuation. I have a solid B going into the exam. I blame myself and the instructor equally. Had I worked more problems from the book and relied less on her teaching I would have an A in that class. Oh well – you live, you learn. I did learn quite a bit in there – I just don’t feel like the way I handled her exams proved that. Maybe I’ll blog more on her later (after my final grade is recorded).
Once this crap is out of the way, I can gear up for my favorite time of the year – Christmas! What’s on your wish list this year?

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