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Lotus Notes Tip of the Day – Scheduled Agents Don’t Run in .ntf Files on R6+

“Based on feedback from customers, agents will no longer run in templates with the NTF extension. (They will, however, continue to run in templates with NSF extensions.)”
I’m sure I was one who complained about this. The problem as a consultant is that you are often asked to fix problems that you did not create. In the glory days, if a scheduled agent wasn’t running either the person who signed it did not have rights to run scheduled agents on the server, or they were trying to do something exotic in the code that would break a security rule. When those two didn’t hold true yesterday, I had to reach into the inner recesses of my brain to remember to check the file type.
So now I am writing it down here in hopes of remembering this in the future. Here is the article that details all of the changes that came about in R6. Haven’t seen it for R7 yet. Here is a good article on troubleshooting Notes 5 and Notes 6 agents.

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