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Judge Bans Learning

I am a lifelong learner – a sponge, if you will. I enjoy learning new things and debating the ins and outs with others. Being introduced to other view points creates a well rounded individual. We like for things to be cut and dry, black or white. But that is just not the way our world is.
There are safeguards in our constitution that protect us against the “tyranny of the majority” (deTocqueville). The idea was that majorities would often be relative – the 55/45 kind of split we see between Republicans and Democrats in the US. But on many issues, the majority is 85% or more. The “war on Christmas” banter that has been going on for the past several weeks is really insane since over 75% of Americans are Christian according to this survey performed by the census bureau (see tables 67-69). We have allowed a few to use our court systems and create a tyranny of the minority.
I understand that the government schools want to rewrite history so as to avoid any conflict. That is not learning – that is indoctrination. It is simple enough to say “Darwin’s theory is the only scientific explanation for our creation. There are other explanations that have been proposed, mostly from religious sects. You will perhaps encounter them in ‘social science’ classes in high school and college, or through discussions with your parents or clergy.” There. 3 sentences could solve this problem. I have a feeling that is so simple a solution that it will be ignored.
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