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Xin nian yu kuai!

Happy Lunar New Year!
This is the word “Fu”, upside down. It means luck. And about the only time you will see a chinese word hung upside down is on a banner announcing the arrival of the new year.
This year is the year of the dog. There is a lot more to the new year than simply assigning an animal to keep track of it. Unfortunately, it won’t all fit on the placemat at your local chinese restaurant. Here is a site with more information on the mathematics of the Chinese calendar.

Chinese people like the barking sound because “woof-woof” makes an association of the Chinese character “wang,” which means prosperity.

Funny. My barking dogs only seem to bring on headaches and vet bills. But even if they are a cost center, I love them just the same. This is an auspicious year for marriage as well. Many chinese will choose to get married in the year of the dog. So will divorce be fashionable next year in the year of the pig? I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out.
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