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IE7 Beta 2

It seems Microsoft took the hint from the rave reviews of Firefox and has stolen some of its best features. I’m happily using beta 2 (download beta 2 here) on my development machine at work. So far, here are the features I like:

  • Automatic print scaling. No more words that trail off the edge of your printouts!
  • Preference to delete Temporary Internet Files each time the browser is closed.
  • Simplified UI. Tabbed browsing.
  • Favorites for URLs and feeds. I really like the UI handling of favorites. The feed reader isn’t as slick as standalone feed readers (feeddemonis my current fave), but it really is everything I need to keep up with my favorite authors. Haven’t seen a way to import an OPML file yet, but I’m sure it’s probably at least in the works (this is beta software, you know?).
  • Anti-phishing add-in that can be configured to check every page you visit against a database or allow you to manually check. The automatic check is kind of a PITA since it slows down the loading of the page. Not that I need a filter anyway – hopefully this will help the large community of naive internet users out there.

Thus far, my only snag has been in launching the browser from Notes 6.5.x (haven’t tried other versions). In my location doc, I had the “Internet Browser” preference set to “Microsoft Internet Explorer”. This worked fine when I was running IE6. With IE7, I had to say “Other” and point it to the iexplore.exe under “c:program filesinternet explorer”.

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