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I’m Still Alive

Just a quick note to say that yes, I am here and am still alive. This week and next have midterm exams in them. Needless to say, that has been taking a considerable amount of time. Tonight was an internal/external analysis of Netflix, using Porter’s 5 Forces & Value Chain frameworks, PEST analysis, resource & capabilities, rent generating potential, and a host of other tools. Next Tuesday night will be a financial analysis and loan structuring for what I think is a barber shop chain (but I’m not entirely sure).
In other news, I finished the Run The Reagan Half Marathon in 2 hours and 19 minutes (and 2 seconds for those of you keeping up with the minutiae). It was great fun and I feel really good about myself at this point. I’m not sure what the next event is, but I’m planning on a duathlon, triathlon, and a marathon this year. That may be a bit ambitious, but I should be graduating with my MBA in August, so I’ll have to find something to fill in some of that spare time.
And as a parting public service announcement, someone arrived at my site by googling “famous atlanta georgia rappers”. I am not sure why they were reffered to my site (although now that I’m blogging it, I’m sure the traffic will increase tremendously). Anyway, as a public service, I thought I would re-route you to this site, which I think has some related contact information to aid you in your search based on the latest news reports.

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