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Fun @ Work

I was talking to someone yesterday about projects at work. I realized a common theme with her and many other people is ubiquitous meetings to talk about deliverables. The meetings took place so often, and without any real agenda, that I asked if she could substitute the word “deliverable” with “flair” and come out with the same meaning.
She could.
Stan: “Joanna, could I speak with you for a moment?”
Joanna: “Yeah, listen – I’m really sorry I was late with for that meeting but I..”
Stan: “It’s about your flair.”
For those of you who find no humor in this, check out Office Space and then get back to me.

You Know It’s Spring in Atlanta When…

the applications for the running of the Peachtree Road Race come out in the Atlanta Journal. Mine is filled out and will soon be on its way to the PO Box. Hopefully it will be one of the first 45000 received!!
On a personal note, today would have been my father’s 74th birthday. I’m sure he’d roll over in his grave if he knew that I have lost 50 pounds and gotten into running and cycling like I have. Happy birthday dad, I miss you.

Chase Bank Visa Card

I guess Chase feels threatened by the new Citi Simplicity card that I wrote about a few months back. Tonight, I fielded a call from one of their telemarketers wanting to send me out some information about optional benefits. The word optional is always a red flag for me. Optional usually means that it will cost me money upfront.
The telemarketer refused to send me the information via mail without reading out this brief section about the benefit that would only take about 45 seconds. He had already explained the protection in case of loss of my ability to work for up to 2 years, the ability to not pay one month as long as I charged food or fuel during that period, and some other benefit that lost my attention. I asked why we had to go through this phone call if it wasn’t going to cost me anything and they were going to send out an information packet anyway. He indicated that he had to read this blurb or I wouldn’t be enrolled – some people might not like to receive this information. How many pieces of junk mail does Chase send out to people every year trying to get them to sign up for another card or use “convenience” checks. I explained to him that I wasn’t interested in anything that required me to listen to verbiage on the phone because that could tacitly imply a verbal agreement. I further explained that if he wanted to send me some information in the mail, I would either read it at my convenience or toss it, but there was no way I was going to listen to 45 more seconds of his shpiel (I don’t know how to spell shpiel, but you catch my drift). He opted to end the phone call.
I wish they had opted not to call to begin with. It delayed dinner by 4 minutes.

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