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Protests in America

In scenes reminiscent of the student protests in France, hispanic protesters flooded the streets in cities from my hometown of Atlanta to Los Angeles. At issue is tighter immigration laws that would withhold services from those people who are not in the country legally. In large part, the proposed measures at both the state and federal level make sense. It is almost simply a restatement of existing law.

It is bad enough that I am currently paying for services that are provided to people who have chosen a different path in life than I have. Our capitalist society has bred a new type of consumer who just sits at home, watches Oprah and Judge Judy all day, and sponges off the hard work of people like me. Granted, this is a minority of America, but it is a burden. Now we have migrant workers who come here, use our healthcare system for free, pay no taxes, and send the bulk of their earnings back to their home country. This helps our economy how?

Many people will point to the fact that American workers don’t want these jobs. I say they do – they are just not willing and able to work for $10 a day. I heard somewhere (probably the radio) that the average worker in Mexico makes $5 a day. Why not focus on fixing that situation, rather than flee and come here. It’s not like you’re being persecuted for religious beliefs or speaking out against your home government (acceptable reasons to allow immigration to the U.S.). In fact – these people love their home country. They were holding up their flags and writing signs in spanish at the first round of protests.

They should fix their problems at home rather than running away from them. That is the American way. And until you understand that, you will never be an American.

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